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Check out Dean Z in these international advertising campaigns.

Dean Z stars as Elvis Presley in the new South American campaign for automobile manufacturer FIAT. Using innovative CGI technology to create Elvis' face on top of Dean Z's face, this groundbreaking commercial is receiving international accolades and over 5 million of views on YouTube.

Dean Z stars as an Elvis Tribute Artist mentor in this short film produced for multinational conglomerate company Philips. This amazing story of Keith Hart, the 45-year-old software engineer who learned the healthier habits needed to follow his extraordinary dream has over 3 million of views on YouTube.


Watch Dean Z's latest promotional videos.

Dean Z as Elvis Promotional video

Dean Z performs the 1968 Comeback Special

Dean Z performs Blue Suede Shoes

Dean Z Promotional video "Shake, Rattle & Rock!"


$19.99 plus shipping & handling in the continental United Sates. International shipping is available. To purchase CLICK HERE.

The birth place of Rock’n’Roll, Sun Studio. Located in the heart of Memphis, TN, this small recording studio has been instrumental to the history of American music. Elvis, Carl, Jerry Lee and  Johnny all started here, inside the four walls that shaped legends and created icons. It is at Sun that Elvis discovered his sound, a sound that rocked the entire world. Now, almost 60 years since Elvis first walked into Sun,  we can witness what those historic recording sessions where like. “Dean Z, The Sun Sessions,” a full length documentary, captures Dean Z’s journey to re-record Elvis’ Sun catalog with the same haunting vocals, musical quality, and tone the original records possessed. With brother Danny Z on lead guitar and bassist Rob Edwards, Dean Z and company accomplished what they set out to do. Own your copy today!


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