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Personal Details

Dean Z has been working as a professional Elvis tribute artist since the age of 3. Currently considered the number 1 Elvis tribute artist in the world, he regularly performs across the globe, with audiences of up to 20,000 people a night. Dean's performances span the range of Elvis's career and include his beginnings in 1954, his 14 year film career (1956-69), his "black leather" '68 Comeback Special and his early 1970s jumpsuit days in Las Vegas.

Some more information about Dean:


  • Dean was hired by Baz Luhrman's Bazmark, Inc. to work with Elliott Wheeler (Baz's frequent composer) to compose several songs and voice acting demos for Baz’s pitch to Warner Brothers for his Elvis film.

  • Dean is the 2013 winner of Elvis Presley Enterprises’ annual contest to find the best Elvis tribute artist in the world.

  • Dean was the star of Elvis Presley Enterprises’ touring production Elvis Lives (performed to a total of over 500,000 audience members).

  • Dean is the only tribute artist hired by Elvis Presley Enterprises to act as on-camera talent for media content.

  • Dean is the only Elvis tribute artist ever hired to host Elvis Presley Enterprises’ SiriusXM radio channel, Elvis Radio.

  • Dean is currently a performer and advisor for Elvis Presley Enterprises’ programming for Elvis Week.

Born: August 7, 1983 in Lancaster, California

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)


Dean Z stars as Elvis Presley in the new South American campaign for automobile manufacturer FIAT. Using innovative CGI technology to create Elvis' face on top of Dean Z's face, this groundbreaking commercial is receiving international accolades and over 5 million of views on YouTube.

Behind The Scenes Videos

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Dean Z stars as an Elvis Tribute Artist mentor in this short film produced for multinational conglomerate company Philips. This amazing story of Keith Hart, the 45-year-old software engineer who learned the healthier habits needed to follow his extraordinary dream has over 3 million of views on YouTube.

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Official Elvis Week Host for Graceland


Official Elvis Week Host for Graceland

Elvis Week Hosting

Social Media

Dean Z has over 120,000 collective followers on his social media platforms, with over 50 million video views across YouTube.

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Television Hosting


Travel Series

"Dean Z - One Night Only"

World renowned entertainer Dean Z tours across the country visiting interesting cities to uncover local music, explore native cuisines and reveal each region's unique history in this web based travel series. Known for his candor and charismatic charm, Dean takes viewers off the beaten path of tourist destinations on his journeys through towns large and small.

New Documentary

"Dean Z - Behind The Curtain"

See excerpts from the upcoming documentary which chronicles Dean Z as he tours the United States with the hit musical production "Elvis Lives", while also looking back into his two decade career performing his tribute to his idol, Elvis Presley.

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